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Divorced women suffer the most, financially and mentally

By on 14 December 2016
Divorced women in the UK, having been part of high income households, suffer the largest and most persistent windfalls in their living standard compared to those from the low income households.
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Psst Britain…EU membership generates growth bonus

By on 9 December 2016
15 years of EU membership boosts the economic growth of a country, significantly more than non-EU members experience during the same period. Moreover, EU membership appears to enable poorer countries to catch up with wealthier ones.
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Rich people overestimate their literacy, ignoring advisors

By on 7 December 2016
Whether people ask for professional financial advice, depends heavily on confidence in their own financial literacy. Rich people are too self-confident.
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College enrollment: parental wealth could become crucial

By on 29 November 2016

As an increasing amount of European countries increase tuition fees for students, it has become a more relevant issue: funding of education. Therefore two recent studies on the affordability…

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East Europe banking catching up with West Europe

By on 25 November 2016

The financial crisis also has its positive side. When zooming in on productivity, banks in East Europe caught up with the West European banking market. They also strengthened their…