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Market trends

Market trends

Falling savings interest rate: case of the Netherlands

By on 11 January 2017
After its 2009 free fall and a limited recovery in 2010 and 2011, there has been a continuous decline in saving interests at Dutch banks since 2012. How come?
Market trends

Think tank: retirement + quality care = mission impossible

By on 9 January 2017
What should your perfect retirement look like? Just eating, drinking and a random roof over your head or would you like excellent care and to live close to your next of kin in later life?
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Scientists on Croatian banking system: very stable

By on 28 December 2016
Scientists of the University of Split have concluded that Croatian banks have plenty of capital strength: they enjoy a high operating efficiency, their solvency ratios are well above the legal minimum, and their liquidity position is in good shape.
Market trends

Psst Britain…EU membership generates growth bonus

By on 9 December 2016
15 years of EU membership boosts the economic growth of a country, significantly more than non-EU members experience during the same period. Moreover, EU membership appears to enable poorer countries to catch up with wealthier ones.
Market trends

East Europe banking catching up with West Europe

By on 25 November 2016

The financial crisis also has its positive side. When zooming in on productivity, banks in East Europe caught up with the West European banking market. They also strengthened their…