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Savings behavior

Good savers tend to be steady consumers

By on 24 October 2016

Does your purchasing and consumption behavior show a lot of fluctuations? Then researchers doubt you have built up a substantial financial buffer. A scientific investigation in 34 western countries and 83 emerging countries namely shows that the consumption pattern of people putting a relative big part of their income…



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Three dynamics within the Dutch housing market

By on 19 October 2016

In their ambitions to move to other places, citizen’s choices are often influenced by market dynamics. highlights three Dutch housing market trends that have significant influence on choices of Dutch habitants.

David-Jan Jansen, a researcher from the central bank of the Netherlands (DNB), recently discussed research that utilizes Dutch…

Bas van Essen

Savingsmonitor is a news blog reporting about savings behavior and statistics across whole the European Union. Bas van Essen is responsible for the content. Bas is a former business reporter, who covered the Dutch startup scene, the job market and personal finance. Bas served the Dutch Financial Times ('Financieele Dagblad'), the Dutch 'Financiƫle Telegraaf',, and IDG. He followed a Master Communication Science and MBA Big Data & Business Analytics at the University of Amsterdam.