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Market trends

Falling savings interest rate: case of the Netherlands

By on 11 January 2017
After its 2009 free fall and a limited recovery in 2010 and 2011, there has been a continuous decline in saving interests at Dutch banks since 2012. How come?
Market trends

Scientists on Croatian banking system: very stable

By on 28 December 2016
Scientists of the University of Split have concluded that Croatian banks have plenty of capital strength: they enjoy a high operating efficiency, their solvency ratios are well above the legal minimum, and their liquidity position is in good shape.
Market trends

Psst Britain…EU membership generates growth bonus

By on 9 December 2016
15 years of EU membership boosts the economic growth of a country, significantly more than non-EU members experience during the same period. Moreover, EU membership appears to enable poorer countries to catch up with wealthier ones.
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College enrollment: parental wealth could become crucial

By on 29 November 2016

As an increasing amount of European countries increase tuition fees for students, it has become a more relevant issue: funding of education. Therefore two recent studies on the affordability…