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Savings behavior

Surprisingly fewer savings after inheritance parents

By on 23 December 2016
After having received an inheritance, we put less money in our savings accounts. That oddly enough is the conclusion drawn after investigating the personal finance of thousands of Danes, before and after inheriting.
Savings behavior

Visegrad household savings: mostly driven by GDP

By on 24 November 2016

GDP has a significant effect on total savings in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. That’s concluded in ‘Panel analysis of the influence of macroeconomic factors on the…

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Happy adolescents have more affluent parents

By on 31 October 2016

A child who’s raised by affluent parents has relatively few mental problems. That is concluded by scientists after investigating socio-economic and health-related data of 2060 adolescents.

To check if parental…

Savings behavior

These factors decide which partner dictates financially

By on 28 October 2016

Who’s making the financial decisions at home? For years, researchers thought they could answer this question by just asking one of the partners. But when asking both men and…