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€ 112,000: difference between inheriting or not

By on 23 December 2016
Inheritances and wealth transfers are essential for the financial well-being of European households, while income has significant less effect.
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Rich people overestimate their literacy, ignoring advisors

By on 7 December 2016
Whether people ask for professional financial advice, depends heavily on confidence in their own financial literacy. Rich people are too self-confident.
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College enrollment: parental wealth could become crucial

By on 29 November 2016

As an increasing amount of European countries increase tuition fees for students, it has become a more relevant issue: funding of education. Therefore two recent studies on the affordability…

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Wealth of parents strongly predicts our own wealth

By on 4 November 2016

Our wealth position at our fortieth birthday appears to largely depend on two factors: the wealth of our parents and extent to which we all build a financial buffer…

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Happy adolescents have more affluent parents

By on 31 October 2016

A child who’s raised by affluent parents has relatively few mental problems. That is concluded by scientists after investigating socio-economic and health-related data of 2060 adolescents.

To check if parental…